LincSpun and AWI

 AWI or Australian Wool Innovation is the marketing body behind Australian merino wool and the Merino Perform™ benchmark standards. Being that they are the global authority on merino wool, LincSpun is delighted to meeting and exceeding their strict test criteria with a number of our high-tech sports fabrics.

As well as improving the trading environment across the supply chain, AWI develops opportunities using strategic fiber marketing, creating partnerships with fiber technology developers such as LincSpun to help push advances happening within the industry.

Over 15 LincSpun fabrics meet the Merino Perform™ sports fabric test requirements set by AWI. This gives the wearer of any garment created from it the highest level of comfort and performance in all climates and environments during any kind of fitness activity.


  • Moisture management
  • Shape retention
  • Temperature regulation
  • Odor control
  • Easy care

These standards and fabrics like LincSpuns make for easy, no-fuss selection for designers and manufacturers to confidently source top quality performance, technologically advanced natural fiber fabrics.




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