Merino for activewear

Merino fabrics are fast becoming the leader in activewear garment production. Not only are they natural, bio degradable and renewable, the properties that lie within lend themselves to the exact job that active outdoors people require.


It’s not just a movement towards seeking more sustainable fibers, todays consumer seeks quality and longevity in performance fabrics. Trinomax® and Tripomax® by LincSpun are fabrics leading the charge in the high-tech merino activewear sector.

 As well as being on-body climate control perfect for activity in hot or cold temperatures, garments made of wool last 6 times longer than cotton and have natural odor control with incredible moisture wicking ability.

The natural moisture management of merino keeps chill inducing moisture away from the body by dispersing it in cold climates and natural breathability makes it perfect for summer activewear garments. Merino absorbs and evaporates sweat faster than any other fiber, naturally limiting odor causing bacteria build up.

Gone are the days of the itchy woolen jersey you wore as a child, LincSpuns unique spinning method creates fabrics with luxurious hand-feel and drape, the natural coiling of merino fiber means LincSpun garments made from wool are silky-smooth, wrinkle resistant and hold their shape.

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