LincSpun Technology stands as a global leader in the development of cutting-edge performance yarns and fabrics. Inspired by the distinctive properties found in natural fibers such as Merino Wool and Cellulose, founder Jean-Michel Libeau has pioneered a revolutionary spinning method to enhance these qualities and introduce them into the high-performance yarn and fabric market. 

Independent testing has unequivocally demonstrated that fabrics crafted with LincSpun yarns consistently outshine competitors across a spectrum of test categories, surpassing numerous international standards. With a commitment to excellence, LincSpun has established operations in the United States, showcasing a dedication to meeting the evolving needs of the North and Central American markets. 

LincSpun’s technology is renowned for its versatility, allowing for the customized design of yarn and fabric tailored to virtually any application across diverse industries. Ongoing testing and development efforts are driving the creation of unique yarns and fabrics, specifically tailored to meet the precise requirements of clients worldwide. 

By combining innovation with a global perspective and a local presence in the USA, Asia and EMEA, LincSpun Technology continues to set new standards in the realm of high-performance textiles.