LincSpun is a technology licensing company that promotes our LincSpun spinning technology and yarn technologies to global brands and manufacturers using all staple fibres types.

LincSpun licenses its spinning technology to yarn spinning mills to develop our engineered yarns under a Trademark and Manufacturing royalty license agreement.

LincSpun requires Trademark and Manufacturing Royalty License agreements for commercial production of fabrics and garments with end user Brands and or Fabric, Garment and Shoe Manufacturers.

LincSpun requires all parties to sign MNDA as the first step in a relationship of interest and or development relationship, which includes end user Brands, Fabric, Garment, Shoe Manufacturers and Spinning mills. The second step in the process if our joint developments go into commercial production is the signing of a Trademark and Manufacturing Royalty License agreement. This agreement can be with end user Brands and or Fabric, Garment, Shoe Manufacturers.

LincSpun offers Trademark and Manufacturing Royalty License agreements to interested New Spinning Mills to produce our yarns using Long or short staple fibres.
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LincSpun Ltd Managing Director

Jean-Michel Libeau

Email: jean-michel@lincspuntech.comLincSpun Ltd