Trinomax IN

LincSpuns reputation as the leader in performance yarn and fabric innovation has been built on creating and developing breakthrough technology in the industry.

Trinomax IN was created in collaboration with NILIT® resulting in the ultimate fabric for activities requiring more than just a garment.



 The yarn developed for the IN series is inbuilt with Far Infrared (FIR) properties. The minerals imbedded in the filaments reflect back thermo energy created by the body as FIR. The effect is deep yet gentle heating into the skin tissues. Increasing the body’s surface temperature in this way aids recovery after vigorous activity assisting blood flow, as well as keeping the wearer warm.

Tripomax AD

The Active Dry fabric has fantastic moisture wicking ability while remaining soft and flexible with great hand feel. AD has a high percentage of specialized synthetic combined with performance Merino allowing for versatility and moisture management.



The technical fabric offers great stability and longevity.

Trinomax AQ

Trinomax AQ has been specifically engineered using Tri-lobal, hydrophilic micro channels. These micro channels come from spinning innovation developed by LincSpun, so not only are the fibers used moisture wicking, the yarn shape aids this too.

During activity moisture runs along the channels in the yarn distributing it, allowing it to dissipate much faster. The superior 6.6 Nylon developed for the AQ series is tough with a high burst strength yet beautifully flexible. The innovation of the  yarn allows for unrivalled longevity in activewear applications.  

Trinomax AQ new


The Aquarius filament within the yarn aids moisture management like never before and when spun using the LincSpun  technology becomes the ultimate performance fabric.

Revolution in performance yarns.

Unlocking the potential of different combinations of fiber is what LincSpun is all about, and company’s across the globe are collaborating and reaping the benefits of the unique merging of materials LinSpuns innovations provide. Our revolutionary spinning developments are leading  yarn and textile industry, particularly in the competitive performance apparel sector.


LincSpun and its developments are the intersection of technology and biology, taking what nature has produced and enhancing its capabilities.

The technology allows for infinite yarn and fabric types by starting the design process at the fiber level and working right through to a completed fabric or garment.

Independent testing has shown that LincSpuns developments are some of the most durable, versatile, high performance yarns in todays competitive market, it’s unrivalled durability makes for incredible longevity.

Tripomax CM

LincSpuns Tripomax CM combines superfine Merino wool with Coolmax®. The spinning technology allows the developed yarn to be transformed into air conditioning for the body.

The fabric is a high performance moisture regulator. In cool temperatures it keeps chill inducing moisture away from the body and in the heat, wicks away sweat.


tripomax cm

Tripomax CM is the perfect ‘all year round’ fabric for any activewear application, the wool content in the fabric assists odor control and provides incredible strength.

LincSpun-Why us?

Welcome to LincSpun, the innovation behind the world’s most technologically advanced performance yarns and fabrics.

Jean-Michel Libeau was inspired by the unique properties found in natural fibers such as Merino Wool and Cellulose, to enhance these properties and bring these fibers into the high performance yarn and fabric market he has developed a completely new and unique spinning method.

Independent testing has conclusively shown that fabrics made with LincSpun yarns out-perform competitors in almost all test categories and exceed many international test standards.

LincSpuns technology can be used to custom design yarn and fabric for almost any application covering a vast number of industries. With ongoing testing and development unique yarns and fabrics are being created for specific client requirements across the globe.