High Performance Activewear

Welcome to LincSpun, the innovation behind the world’s most technologically advanced performance yarn and fabrics

Independent testing has conclusively shown that fabrics made with LincSpun yarns out-perform competitors in almost all test categories and exceed many international test standards, particularly in the high performance activewear market.

Its unrivalled durability makes for incredible longevity, LincSpun fabrics have significantly increased tensile strength allowing for seamless knitting of staple fibers. From yarn production right through to finished garments, LincSpun works with you to achieve quality results and ensure client specific needs are met.

Fabrics created with LincSpun Technology have produced amazing test results featuring:

  • Significantly increased tensile strength
  • Zero spirality
  • Are up to 70% lighter than alternatives
  • Very low pilling
  • Unmatched abrasion resistance
  • Incredibly high burst strength.

LincSpun and its developments are the intersection of technology and biology, taking what nature has produced and enhancing its capabilities. The patented spinning technology of LincSpun has created more than 40 unique yarn types and has the ability to develop an unlimited number as collaborations and innovations continue.

Trinomax AQ new

-Trinomax AQ has been specifically engineered using Tri-lobal, hydrophilic micro channels. These micro channels come from spinning innovation developed by LincSpun, so not only are the fibers used moisture wicking, the yarn shape aids this too. During activity moisture runs along the channels in the yarn distributing it, allowing it to dissipate much faster. The superior 6.6 Nylon developed for the AQ series is tough with a high burst strength yet beautifully flexible. The innovation of the yarn allows for unrivalled longevity in activewear applications.



-The yarn developed for the IN series is inbuilt with Far Infrared (FIR) properties. The minerals imbedded in the filaments reflect back thermo energy created by the body as FIR. The effect is deep yet gentle heating into the skin tissues. Increasing the body’s surface temperature in this way aids recovery after vigorous activity assisting blood flow, as well as keeping the wearer warm.



-The Active Dry fabric has fantastic moisture wicking ability while remaining soft and flexible with great hand feel. AD has a high percentage of specialized synthetic combined with performance Merino allowing for versatility and moisture management.



LincSpuns Tripomax CM combines superfine Merino wool with Coolmax®. The spinning technology allows the yarn to be become air conditioning for the body. The fabric is a high performance moisture regulator. In cool temperatures it keeps chill inducing moisture away from the body and in the head wicks away sweat.


LincSpun Yarns P/L Australia & New Zealand
Director – Jean-Michel Libeau E: jean-michel@lincspuntech.com
Marketing – Nikki Latham E: nlatham@lincspuntech.com







LincSpun and AWI

 AWI or Australian Wool Innovation is the marketing body behind Australian merino wool and the Merino Perform™ benchmark standards. Being that they are the global authority on merino wool, LincSpun is delighted to meeting and exceeding their strict test criteria with a number of our high-tech sports fabrics.

As well as improving the trading environment across the supply chain, AWI develops opportunities using strategic fiber marketing, creating partnerships with fiber technology developers such as LincSpun to help push advances happening within the industry.

Over 15 LincSpun fabrics meet the Merino Perform™ sports fabric test requirements set by AWI. This gives the wearer of any garment created from it the highest level of comfort and performance in all climates and environments during any kind of fitness activity.


  • Moisture management
  • Shape retention
  • Temperature regulation
  • Odor control
  • Easy care

These standards and fabrics like LincSpuns make for easy, no-fuss selection for designers and manufacturers to confidently source top quality performance, technologically advanced natural fiber fabrics.




Merino for activewear

Merino fabrics are fast becoming the leader in activewear garment production. Not only are they natural, bio degradable and renewable, the properties that lie within lend themselves to the exact job that active outdoors people require.


It’s not just a movement towards seeking more sustainable fibers, todays consumer seeks quality and longevity in performance fabrics. Trinomax® and Tripomax® by LincSpun are fabrics leading the charge in the high-tech merino activewear sector.

 As well as being on-body climate control perfect for activity in hot or cold temperatures, garments made of wool last 6 times longer than cotton and have natural odor control with incredible moisture wicking ability.

The natural moisture management of merino keeps chill inducing moisture away from the body by dispersing it in cold climates and natural breathability makes it perfect for summer activewear garments. Merino absorbs and evaporates sweat faster than any other fiber, naturally limiting odor causing bacteria build up.

Gone are the days of the itchy woolen jersey you wore as a child, LincSpuns unique spinning method creates fabrics with luxurious hand-feel and drape, the natural coiling of merino fiber means LincSpun garments made from wool are silky-smooth, wrinkle resistant and hold their shape.

Wool Lab Spring/Summer 17

LincSpun is delighted to feature in the latest Wool Lab catalogue for the Spring/Summer 17 season.

wool lab

The bi-annual seasonal guide presented globally  by The Woolmark Company is the fashion industries go-to for information on the worlds best woolen yarn and fabrics. As a sourcing catalogue it provides presentations and swatches as well as inspiration to designers and retailers.

As one of the leaders in the high tech merino  industry, LincSpun is featuring 10 of its best Trinomax® and Tripomax® fabrics  in the Sport Tech Merino Perform™ section.

LincSpun technology spins the superfine yarn in a way that makes fabrics luxuriously soft and lightweight yet incredibly durable. Even the swatches are silky-cool to the touch. The fabrics feature our patented technology which promote amazing abrasion resistance, breathability, fabric stability, pill resistance and drape.

The Woolmark catalogue is the global authority on the latest technology and fashion forward innovations happening in the fabric industry and LincSpun proud to be recognized along side other esteemed companies.

LincSpuns expanding range

Spinning yarn using two continuous filaments with a staple fiber base is how the LincSpun technology can produce fabrics with incredible stability which makes for more durable, abrasion resistant finished products. LincSpun fabrics have significantly increased tensile strength allowing for seamless knitting of staple fibers.


Fabrics created in this way have great colour adherence with clear pattern definition and minimal colour merging. Merino fabrics have amazing and seemingly endless advantages, lending its properties to all areas of industry, high fashion to mass transport seating, base layers to yoga pants, its all covered.

Merino wool was the driving force behind LincSpuns innovations when the original TRINOMAX® was created, but to meet demand for high performance Cotton and Cellulose fabric, LincSpun is now producing TRITENCEL® and TRICOTTON® yarns.

The technology is not limited to just these fibers either new yarns are being created for client specific needs all the time and new recipesTENCEL FIBER are developed.

Sustainability as well as price point drive the diversification of LincSpuns developments along with realizing almost any fabric application can benefit from our patented technology.

LincSpun at Salt Lake City 2016

From the 7th -10th LincSpun technology will feature at The Outdoor Retailer Winter Market Tradeshow – Salt Lake City, Utah – January 2016, along side the best of the winter sports industry retailers, manufacturers and industry professionals.



Don’t miss the opportunity to come and learn about our products and services.

Our very latest technology and developments will be available to view, feel and discuss, so come and see what we can do for you in the competitive sports apparel market.

We’ve got you covered, from high performance merino base layer fabric to ultra-temperature regulating gym apparel.

LincSpuns innovations  will be represented by Shin Han Spinning and Mira Corporation – Booth 255-603 Level 2, where production information will be available as well as yarn, fabric and garment samples.  www.outdoorretailer.com





Abrasion test results

All innovations at LincSpun undergo rigorous testing, the technology is in the spinning itself and provides many fabric performance attributes.

Lenzing TENCEL® paired with LincSpun Technology takes eco-friendly fibers to the next level, producing dramatic results.

A Martindale test carried out at MARTINDALELenzing in 2012 on a LincSpun 77% TENCEL®  fabric recorded an astounding 100, 000 rubs before holes occurred. Comparatively fabrics tested along side LincSpun produced results of only 5000-7000 rubs before the fabric was destroyed. The technology in the spinning allows for incredible strength throughout the fabric with the TENCEL® making it soft and luxurious with superior hand feel and drape.

LincSpun fabrics have produced dramatic results across all categories of testing, having amazing pill resistance, burst strength and stability with virtually no measurable spirality.

LincSpun with 560 TPM: Nm 50/1 77& TENCEL + 23% pa 6.6
Tests done at Lenzing AG, TISM, Lenzing Austria,  April 2012




LincSpun and Lenzing

Lincspun has completed intensive research and development with like minded Tencel® producer Lenzing, to create a range of yarns that can be used across many different industries.


This collaboration with Lenzing has lead to the production of numerous innovations including  Tri-Tencel 42, a fabric merging all the benefits of the LincSpun technology with the outstanding natural and sustainable attributes of Tencel® to meet the market need for eco- friendly fibers and fabric that can perform.


Tencel® itself is manufactured from nature in one of the most eco-friendly fiber production processes, the award winning closed loop production cycle with product plant emissions that are significantly lower than those of man made fibers.


Tencel® comes from nature and even as a finished product as a fabric, is extremely bio degradable. Tencel® or, Lyocell is considered an eco-textile with huge advantages, it performs like cotton and can be added to many different fibers which is what we like most.

It supply’s us with a range of opportunities for different blends and recipes making for various outcomes.

tree background

Sustainable development seeks to meet the needs and aspirations of the present without compromising those of the future

Ethical fiber sourcing at LincSpun

Along side TENCEL, LincSpun uses Merino wool in many of its developments. Any wool we use must be derived from producers that adhere to strict wool growers guidelines, collaboration with our preferred partners at New Merino ensures our confidence in the integrity of our, and your product.

The verification and certificate of origin system ensures that wool is sourced directly from growers and meets state standards for the technical and measured attributes as well as land management and animal welfare, making the supply chain truly transparent.

This guarantees:certified merino badge

  • Social responsibility
  • Animal welfare
  • Traceability
  • Environmental integrity
  • Adherence to the Five Freedoms


LincSpuns spinning technology works extremely well with wool fibers and is the foundation on which LincSpun was built.

Like our technology, wool is a unique product, the spinning technology enhances the fibers natural capabilities.

Yarns and fabrics created using LincSpun technology with merino wool have exceeded global test standards for fire resistance, showing incredible results particularly in upholstery applications.


Trinomax IN

LincSpuns reputation as the leader in performance yarn and fabric innovation has been built on creating and developing breakthrough technology in the industry.

Trinomax IN was created in collaboration with NILIT® resulting in the ultimate fabric for activities requiring more than just a garment.



 The yarn developed for the IN series is inbuilt with Far Infrared (FIR) properties. The minerals imbedded in the filaments reflect back thermo energy created by the body as FIR. The effect is deep yet gentle heating into the skin tissues. Increasing the body’s surface temperature in this way aids recovery after vigorous activity assisting blood flow, as well as keeping the wearer warm.