All innovations at LincSpun undergo rigorous testing, the technology is in the spinning itself and provides many fabric performance attributes.

Lenzing TENCEL® paired with LincSpun Technology takes eco-friendly fibers to the next level, producing dramatic results.

A Martindale test carried out at MARTINDALELenzing in 2012 on a LincSpun 77% TENCEL®  fabric recorded an astounding 100 000 rubs before holes occurred. Comparatively fabrics tested along side LincSpun produced results of only 5000-7000 rubs before the fabric was destroyed. The technology in the spinning allows for incredible strength throughout the fabric with the TENCEL® making it soft and luxurious with superior hand feel and drape.

LincSpun fabrics have produce dramatic results across all categories of testing, having amazing pill resistance, burst strength and stability with virtually no measurable spirality.

LincSpun with 560 TPM: Nm 50/1 77% TENCEL + 11% pa 6.6 22/14/1 + 12%PA 6.6 26/28/1
Tests carried out  at Lenzing AG, TISM, Lenzing Austria,  April 2012