Tri-Cotton 44®

Tri- Cotton 44

70% Cotton 30% Nylon yarn

 160308 NikeTri-Cotton 44 Next Gen Fabric

The Benefits

  • world’s favourite natural staple fibre.
  • next to skin garment is absorbent, soft and with breathable natural fibre that delivers maximum comfort compared to 100% synthetic fibres.
  • active wear can meet your need for everyday apparel wear that surpasses others on comfort, durability and odor resistance. It’s the perfect choice for yoga, gym, or other sporting activities.
  • an intelligent fabric that can regulate body moisture management to ‘OBP’ – Optimum Body Performance.
  • allows you to reach peak performance while keeping you dry and fresh.

Tri- Cotton 44– versatile, with quality and benefits that are unmatched.


Wicking performance

  • A specially modified Nylon 6.6 is wrapped around the cotton fibre to substantially improve the moisture movement (sweat) on the Tri-Cotton 44® fabric surface. We improve the performance of the cotton fibre in moisture absorption and distribution, the moisture is spread over a greater surface area of fabric, thus resulting in a faster release into the atmosphere.

Burst strength 

  • Using our unique spinning technology and combining two filaments of Nylon with the cotton fibre increases the burst strength of the Tri-Cotton 44® fabric by up to 3 times.
  • 140gsm Tri-Cotton 44® fabric 499kpa/sq cm (72.3 pounds/sq inch) burst strength.

Fabric Stability 

  • Superior fabric stability with spirality of a 140gsm Tri-Cotton 44® fabric of 0.7


  • We can adjust your choice of cotton fibre to suit your needs – Pima, Egyptian Giza or Organic.

  Tri- Cotton 44– delivering ultimate performance.

160308 Cotton Fabric

Standard cotton fabric


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