Tri-Cotton 44®

Tri- Cotton 44

70% Cotton 30% Nylon yarn

 160308 NikeTri-Cotton 44 Next Gen Fabric

The Benefits

  • world’s favourite natural staple fibre.
  • next to skin garment is absorbent, soft and with breathable natural fibre that delivers maximum comfort compared to 100% synthetic fibres.
  • active wear can meet your need for everyday apparel wear that surpasses others on comfort, durability and odor resistance. It’s the perfect choice for yoga, gym, or other sporting activities.
  • an intelligent fabric that can regulate body moisture management to ‘OBP’ – Optimum Body Performance.
  • allows you to reach peak performance while keeping you dry and fresh.

Tri- Cotton 44– versatile, with quality and benefits that are unmatched.


Wicking performance

  • A specially modified Nylon 6.6 is wrapped around the cotton fibre to substantially improve the moisture movement (sweat) on the Tri-Cotton 44® fabric surface. We improve the performance of the cotton fibre in moisture absorption and distribution, the moisture is spread over a greater surface area of fabric, thus resulting in a faster release into the atmosphere.

Burst strength 

  • Using our unique spinning technology and combining two filaments of Nylon with the cotton fibre increases the burst strength of the Tri-Cotton 44® fabric by up to 3 times.
  • 140gsm Tri-Cotton 44® fabric 499kpa/sq cm (72.3 pounds/sq inch) burst strength.

Fabric Stability 

  • Superior fabric stability with spirality of a 140gsm Tri-Cotton 44® fabric of 0.7


  • We can adjust your choice of cotton fibre to suit your needs – Pima, Egyptian Giza or Organic.

  Tri- Cotton 44– delivering ultimate performance.

160308 Cotton Fabric

Standard cotton fabric


Trinomax FR®

Constructed in woven, knitted or velour, Trinomax FR® has incredibly high flame resistance due to the method of spinning, no added fire resistance treatment or chemicals required.


Trinomax FR has proven it is at the leading edge of fire resistant fabrics and the uses for such a fabric are numerous. From protective clothing to industrial upholstery applications LincSpun’s technology has what you need for fabric performance.