LincSpuns expanding range

Spinning yarn using two continuous filaments with a staple fiber base is how the LincSpun technology can produce fabrics with incredible stability which makes for more durable, abrasion resistant finished products. LincSpun fabrics have significantly increased tensile strength allowing for seamless knitting of staple fibers.


Fabrics created in this way have great colour adherence with clear pattern definition and minimal colour merging. Merino fabrics have amazing and seemingly endless advantages, lending its properties to all areas of industry, high fashion to mass transport seating, base layers to yoga pants, its all covered.

Merino wool was the driving force behind LincSpuns innovations when the original TRINOMAX® was created, but to meet demand for high performance Cotton and Cellulose fabric, LincSpun is now producing TRITENCEL® and TRICOTTON® yarns.

The technology is not limited to just these fibers either new yarns are being created for client specific needs all the time and new recipesTENCEL FIBER are developed.

Sustainability as well as price point drive the diversification of LincSpuns developments along with realizing almost any fabric application can benefit from our patented technology.

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