LincSpun and Lenzing

Lincspun has completed intensive research and development with like minded Tencel® producer Lenzing, to create a range of yarns that can be used across many different industries.


This collaboration with Lenzing has lead to the production of numerous innovations including  Tri-Tencel 42, a fabric merging all the benefits of the LincSpun technology with the outstanding natural and sustainable attributes of Tencel® to meet the market need for eco- friendly fibers and fabric that can perform.


Tencel® itself is manufactured from nature in one of the most eco-friendly fiber production processes, the award winning closed loop production cycle with product plant emissions that are significantly lower than those of man made fibers.


Tencel® comes from nature and even as a finished product as a fabric, is extremely bio degradable. Tencel® or, Lyocell is considered an eco-textile with huge advantages, it performs like cotton and can be added to many different fibers which is what we like most.

It supply’s us with a range of opportunities for different blends and recipes making for various outcomes.

tree background

Sustainable development seeks to meet the needs and aspirations of the present without compromising those of the future

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