Ethical fiber sourcing at LincSpun

Along side TENCEL, LincSpun uses Merino wool in many of its developments. Any wool we use must be derived from producers that adhere to strict wool growers guidelines, collaboration with our preferred partners at New Merino ensures our confidence in the integrity of our, and your product.

The verification and certificate of origin system ensures that wool is sourced directly from growers and meets state standards for the technical and measured attributes as well as land management and animal welfare, making the supply chain truly transparent.

This guarantees:certified merino badge

  • Social responsibility
  • Animal welfare
  • Traceability
  • Environmental integrity
  • Adherence to the Five Freedoms


LincSpuns spinning technology works extremely well with wool fibers and is the foundation on which LincSpun was built.

Like our technology, wool is a unique product, the spinning technology enhances the fibers natural capabilities.

Yarns and fabrics created using LincSpun technology with merino wool have exceeded global test standards for fire resistance, showing incredible results particularly in upholstery applications.


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